STEPN Review – Should You Use the NFT Move-To-Earn App to Earn Cryptos?

STEPN Reviews

The advantage of the app is that you don’t need to buy anything to start jogging, but you need NFT shoes to start earning cryptos.

The win meter will start to scale as you run, as soon as you are ready to commit and have a pair of STEPN shoes.

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On STEPN, there is what is called the time gating. The time you can spend using the app each day is limited, so your potential profits are also limited!

You get a little bit of it for free every day, plus some from your NFT shoes. As soon as your daily wins are reached, you can continue running, but the win counter stops until the following day.

7/ Here comes not only the worst feature of STEPN, but one of the most hated mechanics in gaming – time-gating. There is a cap to how much you can run with the app each day, meaning there’s a limit to your earnings. Continued 👇

Should STEPN be used?

The website of Liquid tested the app and gave it a 4/5 rating. The note is justified in their view by the concept of Move-To-Earn.

In-game activities, like the Marathon, keep players interested and motivated, something few fitness apps have yet managed to do.

However, the limit of STEPN relies on the time control system. Players should be given more playing time if their interest is to be maintained. STEPN’s earning potential currently pales in comparison to most NFT games according to Liquid.

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