State of play of reloading in Dijon

Do you live in Dijon and want to know how you can benefit from existing charging stations? Let us draw up an inventory of charging in Dijon for you. Process started a few years ago, the deployment of charging stations is effective, but not the fastest…

Review in this article.

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Little history

Are you tired of depending on Dijon’s public network to recharge your batteries?

The first actors

In detail, the first Fastned fast charging stations are located at the service areas of Gevrey-Chambertin Ouest (A31, Dijon), Écot (A36, Montbéliard), Pont Chêne d’Argent (A39, Dole) and Pont Val de Saone (A39, Dole). The next five will be open in the coming weeks on the Autoroute du Soleil (A6), towards Switzerland and around Dijon.

A firm commitment

Many other recharging companies are present, there are also ZeBorne as well as Siceco and of course some large shopping centers offer a recharging opportunity such as Ikea which offers terminals. Nissan also offers charging stations and even Tesla which has set up its Supercharger in the region.

And today ?

Dijon has more than 35 charging points (source: Chargemap) at present, many charging points are free to use. New charging stations are being installed all the time.

Tools at your disposal

Owners of 100% electric Renault vehicles have the option of using certain charging points completely free of charge. To view these points, go to the Freshmile Charge app available on the Appstore and Playstore.

You can view the map of Dijon’s electric charging stations by visiting the Chargemap site, which lists all the charging stations near you.

Charging points:

Today operators and independent public charging stations are referenced by Google. This creates a difficult picture for you to picture when you don’t know the name of the reference station operators.

We would therefore like to introduce you to the best charging operators and the location of the best charging points to make the most of your electric vehicle.

List of operators present in Dijon – Source Google Maps

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When purchasing or renting your electric vehicle, you will be provided with a type 1 cable for home charging; and a type 2 cable for fast charging if your vehicle is compatible.

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