Stadia threatened to close? Google is having fun!

News hardware Stadia threatened to close? Google is having fun!

Rumors have announced the upcoming shutdown of the Stadia video game service. Google’s community manager responded in the best possible way, having fun with Internet users who are just waiting for the death of Stadia.

No, Stadia is not dead

Despite stubborn rumors since the launch of Stadia, Google does not intend to shut down the service. Yet this is what the Twitter account “Killed by Google” explains. We can thus read:

A former colleague and friend, who is now a regional manager for Google. It was he who got me started at Stadia. They just had a big seminar in California last weekend, and long story short, Google is preparing for the end. He didn’t have an exact date, but he told me it had to happen by the end of the summer.

He goes on to detail that users will be able to get their last month refunded and subscriptions will be fully refunded. Of course, his information comes from hearsay and not from official sources. The Twitter account even has a prediction of when Stadia will be closed in response. There is even talk of “helping predict when Stadia will die”.

The information having no meaning, they are obviously false. This is where Google’s community manager reacted very well by adding fuel to the fire.

Google has fun parodying trolls

Google is very active on Twitter and often enjoys trolling people talking about their brand. This time, the Stadia account directly responded in a tweet explaining:

A former colleague is now responsible for networks at Google. They just had a big seminar in California last weekend, and long story short, you can play Wavetale at no extra cost.

A response which obviously takes up the assured tone of the Twitter account which had “information”. Beyond denying the closure of Stadia, the game service in Cloud Gaming, Google makes its communication on a new game available. In the comments, people can only applaud this stroke of genius in network communication.

But what is Stadia?

This is a Cloud Gaming service. That is, neither the game nor the console is present with you. There is no need for special configuration, it can even work on televisions. The principle is to use a server on which you will play and the image is returned to you.

So there are no downloads and no physical games. So you can play from anywhere, as long as you have a stable and decent connection. There are two subscriptions that allow you to take advantage of the service:

  • The version of Free Stadia allows you to play games from the moment you bought them. Knowing that prices drop quite a bit on Stadia and that Google controls prices.
  • The version Stadia Pro at 9.99 euros which allows access to certain games for free and especially in 4K at 60 fps. There are also discounts on certain video games.

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