soon a vaccine to protect babies from bronchiolitis?

The imminent return of winter raises fears of many new cases of bronchiolitis. This disease, which mainly affects newborns but also the elderly, is an acute respiratory viral infection affecting the bronchioles. This particularly dangerous winter virus causes inflammation that leads to respiratory discomfort. Signs of this disease include a strong cough and wheezing and rapid breathing.

But the lab Sanofi may hold the keys to a vaccine to fight this virus. Developed in collaboration with Astra ZenecaThis vaccine is an antibody injection intended for infants in their first year. Tests carried out on almost 2,300 children have ensured that it was well tolerated and can protect babies for the whole winter in a single injection.

The laboratory ensures an efficiency of nearly 80% against severe forms bronchiolitis, making it the most advanced vaccine on the subject. The results have already been sent to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which should issue a marketing authorization by November.

Not before winter 2023

However, this vaccine will not be available this winter. After the green light from the AEM, these are French authorities who will have to study the clinical data and decide. This process generally lasts almost a year, especially since it will then be necessary negotiate the price of the vaccine.

The French laboratory therefore hopes that the first injections will be delivered for winter 2023.

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