Soon a Tesla without steering wheel or pedals?

Elon Musk is determined to revolutionize the automotive industry. Last year, during Tesla Battery Day, he announced the upcoming production of a $25,000 fully autonomous electric car. A price possible thanks to the efforts made in the manufacture of Tesla batteries, with a cost reduced by more than 50%.

The one already called the “Model 2” could be produced at the Shanghai Gigafactory in China, before being exported around the world. Wednesday, September 1, during an internal meeting, the CEO of Tesla gave new indications concerning his future vehicle. People present told Electrek that Elon Musk announced the start of production of the new $25,000 electric car in 2023.

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A delay that would allow Tesla engineers to develop a fully autonomous driving system. “Do we want this car to come with a steering wheel and pedals?” he would have launched at the assembly, suggesting that the “Model 2” would be deprived of it. As Electrek recalls, in 2019 Tesla unveiled an image of a vehicle without a steering wheel or pedals and said the goal was to release such a vehicle within two years. The billionaire had also hinted that this model would have a range of 400 kilometers.

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