Sony launches a new PS5, Tesla no longer wants a steering wheel controller, this is the recap

In all discretion, Sony has launched a new model of PS5. And the modifications do not impact the players. Tesla announces that it wants to remove the joysticks around the steering wheel. The manufacturer wants to transform them into touch controls. Microsoft is rolling out a new, much more efficient compression algorithm. This is the August 30 recap.


This end of August 2022 is marked by the energy crisis. Electricity costs more. While the French government has succeeded in blocking the increase at 4% until the end of the year, it will not be able to stem the increase that is looming for next year. Households will see their energy bills (gas, electricity) skyrocket by several tens of percent. Analysts speak of an increase that could reach 50%. And yet, the French State and local authorities are pushing towards electrification of means of transport. The ecological bonus since 2020. Leasing purchase at 100 euros per month planned for 2023. Free parking for electric two-wheelers in Paris. This is puzzling. While waiting to find a solution, here are the three news items that marked the day of August 30.

More physical steering wheel controls in Teslas?

Tesla is known for revolutionizing our driving habits. The American brand has already shaken them up with the removal of door handles, for example, its large central screen, its ability to move around without human intervention, the sale of cars only online, the method of marketing options , etc. Tesla is now tackling another project: simplify steering wheel controls. The goal: to remove all the joysticks and integrate them into new steering wheels incorporating touch controls, as in the Tesla Semi. Model Y and Model 3 are affected.

More details : Tesla will integrate new generation steering wheels to its Model 3 and Model Y

Microsoft speeds up file transfers with Windows 11

Microsoft has released an optional update. But we would go so far as to strongly recommend it. Why ? Because it incorporates a new file compression algorithm used by the SMB protocol (which you use daily without knowing it by connecting to a network hard drive, to a remote PC, to your box or even a printer). This new protocol lifts some restrictions that will speed up file transfer. Find all of these changes in our article.

More details : Windows 11: here’s how Microsoft will boost data transfer speed

A new PlayStation 5 has just been launched by Sony

Throughout the commercial life of a console, the manufacturer continues to refine the internal architecture. The main components remain the same. The same goes for the external design of the console. On the other hand, some connectors can be modified. Motherboards can be reduced. The internal architecture can be optimized. This results in sub-versions with distinct serial numbers. The PS5 is a good example: every year, Sony releases a new version. And 2022 is no exception with the appearance of models CFI-1200A and CFI-1200B. What is concretely changing? Answer in our article below.

More details : Sony is quietly launching a new PS5 model, here’s what’s changing

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