Should we fall for the Boost function?

You are interested in Tesla Model 3? But you don’t know if you should fall for the Boost function? We offer you the feedback of a member who wishes to enlighten our readers with a lot of humor. As you know, at Tesla Mag, we appreciate humorous writing.

The boost option is accessible on the Long Range. Like many, I wondered about the effects of this option. A priori, on the videos it seems to have its effect but buzz to make views or obvious change.

Fortunately, we can validate the option and retract within 48 hours. Satisfied or refunded !!!

An original Model 3 LR already pushes hard on acceleration. We feel that it remains powerful but accessible.

Once the boost is activated, the car is no longer the same. The milestone reached is significant and brutal. The car sticks you in the seat and the stomach is well solicited. Moreover, it is better to warn the occupants before accelerating under penalty of osteopath sessions. In boost mode, it is impossible to accelerate hard without keeping both hands on the wheel. On a standing start, the model 3 takes off up to 120km/h. Beyond that, the power calms down to soften.

To give an idea, we are in the register of a Porsche 911turbo (997) except that the latter continues to push up to 300km/h…but suddenly (or at a cost) of at least 20 liters to the cent.

Notice to the amateur, the pedal of a model 3 can be used as an on/off switch. On this exercise, there is not a sound but what sensations!!!

The boost is to afford a supercar feeling on a car accessible on a daily basis.

“Curious, I did a model 3 performance test.

It’s more powerful, firmer with a 20-inch ride, better brakes and trail modes. The difference between model 3 boost and performance is seriously reduced with respect to sensations. We are in the same register. The configuration of the car makes it a car cut out for the track but less suitable for everyday use.

In summary, the LR boost is the best of worlds. Autonomy preserved but enormous sensations. In other words, everyday performance. The bad side is that the standard mode disappears for the sport mode… it would have been wise to keep the 3 modes (comfort, standard and sport) rather than substituting the sport mode for the standard mode.

It is advisable to remain cautious because many drivers are not aware of the acceleration and especially when overtaking. »

Continue discovering this function with a Video

Three Tesla Youtubers got together to share about the boost function and Teslas in general. We invite you to watch this video which will give you a user opinion on the function. Congratulations to Electron Libre, The Choucroute Garage and Cloud magic for these developments.

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