Shiba Inu (SHIB): BONE is a hit at 1 dollar each!

Wed 10 August 2022 ▪ 2:00 p.m. ▪

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Unknown to the general public, BONE ShibaSwap is currently inflaming the Shiba Inu community. The reason ? The bone of the little Japanese dog mutated into cryptocurrency is easy to access. Considered a rewards token under the “Shibarium” project, BONE looks set to explode. Many investors revel in this situation.

BONE ShibaSwap Blast

BONE, that other Shiba Inu thruster

On August 4, the main developer of Shiba Inu tweeted the following message:

Well… looks like $BONE woke up. #SHIB #SHIBARIUM #SHIBARMY. »

The SHIB, ShibArmy and Shibarium, you must know them inside out. But what about BONE? In short, know that the Shiba Inu ecosystem consists of two governance tokens: BONE and LEASH.

BONE, this native token of ShibaSwap (the DEX of Shiba Inu), aims to promote liquidity, staking and exchange in this ecosystem. While LEASH presents itself as a ” rebase token (replenishment token) supposed to fluctuate according to the price of DOGE. In all, it has 100,000 tokens.

Note also that BONE and tBONE do not represent the same crypto asset. The latter indeed constitutes the token of staking of SHIB, a form of reward given to the user who buried BONE.

Become full to the aces (bones) by digging BONE trusses

If this is your first day meeting BONE, know that this reward token is strongly linked to the “Shibarium” project. To be able to harvest it, users will have to dig in the ground of the BONE farms. History to make a connection with the habit of dogs to bury their spoils.

Concretely, this bone hunt is done on the basis of the liquidity provided by SHIB holders in exchange for BONE rewards. However, the ShibArmy enjoys the freedom to stake eponymous tokens for a high APY (annual percentage yield) rate of 20.07%.

To say that recently a vote was held within the Shiba Inu community to decide the rate of mint from BONE to 1 BPB (BONE Per Block). Thus, the risk of overcurrency of this cryptographic asset is eliminated.

Here we have arrived in the part that you will like of the whole of this post. At the time of writing, the price of BONE is valued at 0.979494 on CoinGecko. Over 7 days, the token shows an increase of 44.8%, and has reached 102.5% over 30 days.

The icing on the cake, this asset again crossed the 1 dollar mark that very day, very early in the morning. There is no doubt that it will brilliantly fulfill its role as a gas token in layer 2 of Shibarium.

Other useful information

As a success, BONE alone accumulates about 50,000 investors who constantly praise its merits on Twitter and Reddit.

Analytics Insight recently reported that its maximum bid sits at 250,000,000 coins. And in the first week of July, its trading volume increased by 83% after listing on the Canadian exchange (FCF Pay). Yet a month prior, BTCEX, a Canadian digital asset derivatives trading platform, had just registered it.

2 days ago, Shiba’s army voted for BONE’s listing on DailyCoin. This just after its registration on CoinMerge Otherwise, on social networks, we no longer hesitate to chant a quotation of the same token on Binance. What “woof woof” for BONE!

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