She wakes up with her body covered in red spots, she is suffering from a rare disease triggered in one night

The patches appeared all of a sudden. After the shock, an Englishwoman decided to expose herself on Instagram.

Some awakenings are more difficult than others. Bri Morrell, who lives in Leceister in England discovered that she had a rare disease when she got up one morning.

His body was covered with red patches.

A mysterious skin condition

When she finds herself in front of her mirror in a panic, she decides to go immediately to the emergency room to understand what is happening to him.

A dermatologist will then examine it and diagnostic is clear: it is a very rare form of psoriasisbut which is serious, as reported by The Mirror.

According to the young woman and her doctor, this crisis was triggered by a period of stress or depression.

daily pain

Since then she lives with periods when 70% or even up to 90% of their skin surface is covered in stains.

The young woman has to live with it. The plates are painfulcausing in addition rednessof the itching but also skin tears.

All parts of his body, scalp and nails understood, is affected by the disease.

Since then she has to wear loose clothing, to avoid suffering, she refused basic treatment because of the side effects, but thanks to certain creams She manages to ease the pain a little.

Many researches are carried out in order to treat these skin conditions, various avenues are studied to find a treatment, as reported by Inserm.

An Instagram account

Bri Morrell decided to create an Instagram account a few months ago under the nickname “That girl patches” to post photos of her illness and to encourage women who would feel bad about themselves to accept themselves regardless of their defaults.

Besides, the images they publish are impressive.

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