Shana Grebo only French in the final of the 200 meters of the European Championships

Ryan Zézé: “I remain unsatisfied”

Ryan Zeze: “I’m not satisfied at all, I’m having a race full of mistakes. I didn’t know how to recover from it when exiting the bend, so I’m still unsatisfied. We had good entry times, but there everything was back to zero, everyone had the same conditions. »
Meba-Mickaël Zézé: “Once again I’m not far from the final, mentally you’ll have to be strong to bounce back in the relay. I gave the maximum, but I made a technical fault in the turn. The change in temperature and the delay didn’t bother me too much. But leaving the Championship with 20”47, that’s not what I expected. »
Mouhamadou Fall, victim of a warm-up contracture in the left hamstring: “I felt that during my last race before going to the call room. I didn’t hesitate to try my luck, but it was dead, it kept throwing me. I stumbled from the start, I’m disgusted that it happened at this time, I had no pain or signs of fatigue in the last few days in this area. »


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