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In collaboration with Alexandra Coutlée, coordinator of educational services at École branchée

It’s back to school and you have a thousand and one things in mind. To help you, we have reviewed the new features deployed by the major manufacturers of digital tools and platforms that you may use at school. In this series, we’ll show you some changes and improvements that should catch your attention.

Here are the new features announced by Google Education.

Note that the new features shown are not all rolled out to all users at the same time. We invite you to refer to your local RÉCIT or to the IT services of your school in order to check the availability of the functionalities.


  • Schedule assignments to be posted in multiple courses (different times, different topics, etc.)
  • Arrival of additional modules (addons) (only available with Teaching and Learning and Education Plus versions)
  • New interface to attach a file to an assignment


  • Participant limit increased from 400 to 8000 for Google Chat spaces
  • Add a task from a message in Chat
  • Most frequent emojis available quickly


  • Added rich text formatting: it is now possible to bold, italicize, add a link and much more in questions and descriptions (finally!)
  • New font options (in the Theme section).
  • Sync survey results in real time with Presentations (Slides), Documents (Docs), Spreadsheets (Sheets)

Site (s

  • Ability to reuse themes from one site to another
  • Added content spacing option
  • Embedding pages as full pages


  • Ability to pin multiple participants
  • Added Picture-in-Picture mode (this allows those with a single screen to be able to continue following an encounter, while browsing elsewhere)
  • Automatic disconnection after warning if you are alone in a meeting after 5 minutes (no more forgetting in the background!)
  • From Documents, Spreadsheets or Presentations, it is now possible to join a Meet videoconference and present content directly in the videoconference (requires Chrome or Edge browser)

Disk (Drive)

  • Added new search filters
  • Changes in the document sharing interface
  • Added a new column that shows where a document is when searching
  • Keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) now work without requiring an extension to be installed


  • Ability to select multiple text boxes for editing
  • Added table layout options
  • Adding emojis in comments mode
  • Ability to add drop-down menus directly in the text


  • Addition of a new individual reservation calendar that is easily shared (ideal for planning meetings with parents or colleagues)
  • Addition of the workplace (home, office, or other) – very practical for hybrid working mode and sharing with colleagues!


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Have you noticed any other new features in these tools or other applications that you regularly use with your students? Let us know by writing to info@ecolebranchee.com

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