Search results entered with quotes now more accurate

An improvement was made to Google Search this Thursday. Invisible, or even insignificant, for many users, it should still make a difference for Internet users who search for specific terms. These are indeed now easier to find when entered into the search engine surrounded by quotes, reports Phonandroid.

Google also highlights the place of the site where the quote is, explained Yonghao Jin, engineer at Google, on the blog of the American giant this Thursday. Before the engine update, the results first displayed the description of the page without giving any indication of the location of the precise term sought.

A not entirely perfect improvement

It is therefore no longer necessary to enter the site and search for the words in quotes all over the page. This improvement would follow a lot of feedback from users, explained Yonghao Jin. But beware, Google made it clear that not everything was perfect in the new version of its tool. It happens for example that the specific words are present on a site but not necessarily on the page.

They can thus be found in the description of the site or of an image and not in the main text, but still be detected by artificial intelligence. The specialist also wanted to draw attention to the disappearance of terms that may occur as the content of the pages evolves. The algorithm could then rely on the cache.

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