Samsung Messages or Google Messages, which one to choose?

Samsung Messages or Google Messages, which SMS application to choose? If the solution was quite obvious a few years ago, it is not really the case today.

Instant messaging services are perhaps far more popular today than text messaging (SMS), which is still used by some people. Especially since with the recent RCS protocol, these become more interesting. Android devices all have an SMS app, whether it’s Google Android Messages or an in-house app from a smartphone manufacturer. If you have a Samsung device, you have the Samsung Messages app. But which one to choose?

Interface and features, what are the differences?

In terms of interface, the two interfaces are quite similar, with the messages appearing as a list. Samsung adds a tab for contacts, accessible via a swipe.

The features are also very similar. Some are however present in one and not in the other and vice versa. It is on these points that you can make your choice. Also, if Samsung made its own application the default app, for some time now Google Messages has been offered by default on the South Korean giant’s devices.

Archiving, Favorites, Pinning

Archiving makes it possible to remove conversations from the list – without completely deleting them. This function exists on the Google version, but not Samsung Messages. Conversely, the bookmarking feature, which allows you to “store” messages in the dedicated section, does not exist on Google Message. Just like the option to pin a message, so that this one remains at the top of the list.

Message programming

Google will have taken a long time to make it possible to program the sending of messages, but it has recently become possible. Function that has been offered natively on Samsung Messages for a long time.

Quick response

Quick replies allow, as their name suggests, to respond quickly, a “yes”, “no”, “I’m coming”, etc. The whole thing is to contextualize these answers so that they are offered at the right time. What Samsung Messages like Google offers. Responses and actions can be suggested. Enable or disable from settings.


Previously, Samsung allowed changing the background and style of bubbles. This is no longer the case. To change this, you have to change the whole theme of the phone. On Android, no theme either. Only option, the dark theme.


If you are used to using gestures to perform certain quick actions, you will not choose Samsung Messages, the app does not take any gestures into account. On Google Messages, a swipe right or left will archive.

Other useful information

While Android Messages can be installed on any Android device, the Samsung version is only compatible with Samsung devices.

Google also offers a web version of its messaging app. This is not the case with Samsung, but it is possible to send messages from a PC or Mac via SideSync.


Samsung Messages and Google Messages have remained very different for a long time, Samsung having integrated many interesting features long before the American giant. For a few years, however, the Mountain View company has made up for this delay, even recently integrating the RCS protocol, bringing SMS closer to an instant messaging service. Which may explain why Samsung chose Google’s app to make it the default SMS app on its own devices.

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