Romain Bardet (DSM), now 4th in the Tour de France after the 12th stage: “Knowing how to round your back and suffer”

Romain Bardet (DSM), 11th in the 12th stage and 4th in the general classification, at the microphone of France 2: “It’s not a great day, I caught a heat stroke in the middle of the Alpe (d’Huez). I started to have chills, I preferred to take my rhythm otherwise it was a blow to totally explode. And that’s not what I wanted. It didn’t play out much because in front, they weren’t going up any faster. I should have positioned myself a little better, because I felt the heat invade me and I had to slow down.

(The audience) It was magical, I was very encouraged all day. It was great ! I had stiff legs after yesterday. I really found that it was very hot at the foot of the Alpe (d’Huez) and it quickly rose at that time. I had to brake a bit to get to the right place.

(Limit breakage) Yes, it is a question of management. Either I held on for 30 seconds more and if it didn’t go up faster, I could have held on. Either it continued at this pace and I exploded on the way. I preferred to take my rhythm, where I was doing the elastic. It’s the Tour de France: on the days when you’re less well, you have to know how to hunker down and endure. »


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