Rich Dad Poor Dad author waits to buy bitcoin (BTC)

Famous Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, made statements recently. In particular, he hinted that investors should brace themselves for the “biggest sell-off on the planet” that will take place soon, as the price crash continues in the cryptocurrency market. He claims to be in a cash position, which means he has liquidity (he currently has a very good financial situation). Kiyosaki is just waiting for the bottom of the wave to make a good deal by buying bitcoins (BTC).

Robert Kiyosaki waits for the bottom of the wave to buy BTC

Robert Kiyosaki is known around the world, thanks to the book Rich dad Poor dad (Rich dad, poor dad) that Sharon Lechter and he wrote together. Since its publication in 1997, this book has been a real success, with more than 32 million copies sold in at least 109 countries and more than 51 languages. The work remained in the New York Times bestseller list for at least six years.

On Monday, Robert Kiyosaki posted on Twitter:The asset bubble has found a pin. Asset prices are collapsing. In a cash position, I’m waiting for good deals, especially in real estate and bitcoin… Don’t miss the biggest sale on earth.“. Note that currently, the cost of mortgages is on the rise because interest rates are rising. And this situation has led to a reduction in the demand for housing.

Otherwise, Robert has been planning to buy bitcoins (BTC) for quite a while when the bottom of the wave would be reached. Indeed, when bitcoin (BTC) was at $35,000, he said he was waiting for it to be at $24,000. In May, he said he intended to acquire BTC when the price hits $9,000. Eventually, in June, he waited for the price to drop all the way to $1,100 to get started.

Kiyosaki warned of hyperinflation and crashing markets

For some time, Robert Kiyosaki has been warning against asset bubbles and market collapse. In March, he claimed there were bubbles in stocks, futures, bitcoin, commodities, oil and real estate. This means that the prices of these different assets are overly superior to their intrinsic value.

Kiyosaki said the market was in the “largest bubble in world history“. In June, he said that this bubble was getting bigger and that we had to prepare for the “biggest crash in world history“.

Additionally, Kiyosaki had warned of hyperinflation and civil unrest in the United States. He then said:The Fed will raise interest rates, causing stocks, bonds, real estate and gold to crash.“.

For a few months now, Robert Kiyosaki has been saying that he is waiting for the price of bitcoin to fall to acquire BTC. The famous author also claimed that the prices of assets are exaggeratedly higher than their true value. Now, Kiyosaki advises investors not to miss the “biggest sale on the planet”.


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