PSG with Juventus and Benfica, OM well off, the draw to relive live

Come on, we’ll stop there for tonight. No reaction yet from the staffs of PSG and OM, but finally we already know what they are going to tell us we will do without. Hugs everyone, don’t be crazy tonight

7:18 p.m .: While Karim is going to receive his trophy for best player of last season (a first for him, before the Ballon d’Or which cannot escape him), I learn that PSG and Juve for a loan with OA from Paredes according to the team.. It means that a midfielder should quickly land in Paris.

7:10 p.m. : So know that we won’t have the final schedule tonight, but rather by Saturday. So there’s no need to watch over your phone until late at night!

7:07 p.m. : Never forget. PSG already knew how to make us laugh at the time

7:05 p.m. : All the groups, while we are going to continue with the presentation of trophies from last season. Your impression? I would have preferred a tougher group for OM, but at least you can still be there in February

7 p.m.: THE MACCABI HAIFA FOR PARIS. Wouldn’t it be Maccabi who shamefully eliminated Paris from the C3 a few years ago? I wonder

6:55 p.m. : We are waiting for the last opponent of PSG. It won’t be Rangers, who fall with Ajax, Liverpool and Napoli. Nice atmosphere to be expected in this group it will come down from the pint

6:55 p.m. : Well in any case there won’t be the excuse of the draw for OM. Very homogeneous group where the qualification must be playable until the end.

6:54 p.m .: OH YES THE D WITH FRANKFURT TOTTENHAM AND SPORTING THERE IS ONE THING TO DO (3 points last group thank you goodbye)


6:51 p.m. : Celtic aveeeeeeeeeeeeeec…….Real Madrid, Leipzig and Donetsk. Isn’t life going too hard for the people of Madrid?

6:48 p.m .: INTER MILAN WITH BARCA AND BAYERN. 14 Champions Leagues between them. Fifteen when we add OM (lolilol)

6:47 p.m. : Ah Dormund with City. Haaland will quickly return to martyrize his former club. Sporting Portugal in the Europa League conference group with Tottenham and Frankfurt. Beuuuuuurk. (unless OM falls in)


6:43 p.m. : Paris already guaranteed to avoid Inter and Naples. Oh well, Napoli is rocking with Ajax and Liverpool. Good little group. Salzburg can go with Leipzig BTW? It would be a bit awkward. We will avoid the beginning since it is spinning with Milan and Chelsea

6:41 p.m. : GO THIRD HAT. I think the hardest thing to remember is Borussia, but finally Borussia without Haaland is no longer the same lemonade for PSG.

6:40 p.m. : Chelsea with AC Milan, not disgusting either. On the other hand, remind me not to watch a micro second of the double confrontation between Atlético and Porto.

6:39 p.m .: Sevilla find themselves in the City group. Small midweek in Andalusia which escapes for the Marseille supporters. Shame. OH LALALA BARCELONA WITH BAYERN. Lewandowski at home.

6:37 p.m. : Antonio Conte who must do the dance of joy at home. Tottenham in the Frankfurt group, placed in pot 1 thanks to their victory in the Europa League. Liverpool with Ajax, friendly match to come

6:35 p.m .: Leipzig with Real Madrid, which escapes the English piranhas from the second hat. Juve file …… in the PSG group !!!! A new poster, it’s nice.

6:33 p.m. : If I understand correctly, through the game of TV broadcasts which I spoke to you about earlier, Paris can no longer take Liverpool or Barça. Which is quite a good thing

6:30 p.m. : Ajax, Porto, Bayern or Frankfurt for OM a priori but I wouldn’t bet my hand on it. Which leaves a reasonable chance of avoiding the worst

6:28 p.m .: The seeds are assigned in each group. You can go back to sleep

6:26 p.m. : Ten minutes to explain to us the same rules as the last 20 times, all that to crash miserably like last year. DON’T BE SMART GIORGIO

6:22 p.m.: GIORGIO MARCHETTI IN THE PLACE FOR THE DRAW. Remember his name if it is the guy will be president of the free world in five years when Gianni will be in prison for tax evasion.

6:18 p.m. : Yaya Touré and Hamit Atlintlop to draw the 2022/2023 edition, the final of which should finally take place in Istanbul after two years of postponement due to the Covid. Hence the presence of this good Hamit, who has not really left an indelible mark in the Champions League …

6:15 p.m. : Well there we are struggling a tribute to Arrigo Sacchi. Terrific coach of the unplayable Milan of the 90s. The one who organized exercises with more attackers than defenders, but that the latter always won.

6:10 p.m. : The Parisian delegation represented by Nasser and Luis Campos. One day, we will have to talk about the ecological footprint of this kind of gathering, as if the presence of the president of PSG was essential to know that you are going to play Tirsapol.

6:05 p.m.: IT’S GOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. Well almost, time to review some images of the past edition, one of the most exciting in history if we refer to the winner. Real may have won the trophy 14 times, but this campaign will remain legendary in the history of the best club in the C1. Three unlikely comebacks, and Karim on top of the world.

6 p.m. : It shouldn’t take long to start. I remind you that it’s a group stage with a slightly different schedule than usual. Two dates in September, three in October, and ending on November 2. You don’t have to wake up late.

5:53 p.m. : Little additional info, even if France is not concerned

5:45 p.m. : I’m sure you’ve already brainstormed a thousand times. We did the job for you to find out who our two French clubs can fall on

5:38 p.m .: Hi family, well especially the Parisian and Marseille families, the others are probably a little less anxious. Even zero stress.

Isn’t the Champions League group stage draw the only good news that escorts the end of the holidays, the end of being carefree, the end of that handsome/bell kid tan that you match like never before on Tinder “on the coast”? Totally, especially since it’s still the moment when we can make ourselves believe that this-time it’s-the-right-for-Paris-you-have-seen-this-team-of-madmen-furious, variant of XXX (Sanchez)-will-get-us-over the course-OM-will-finally-cross-the-hens, when everyone knows that Paris is going to break their necks in the 8th and that OM will go in the Europa League in the best of all worlds after scoring 4 points. It doesn’t matter, life is beautiful, it’s so good to dream before the start of the school year

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