Product recall in France: these foods can be very dangerous for health, they are contaminated, it is olives!

Product recalls are increasingly common in France. This recall concerns not only manufacturers but also consumers. You should know that a product marketed in supermarkets is not not always flawless. And sometimes, it is therefore necessary to carry out a massive recall in order to prevent consumers from falling ill. Therefore, in the event that the product appears to be defective, the manufacturer must ask people who bought this product to return it. And this, at the store in which he bought it. This is the case for the black olives affected by this new recall. We tell you everything!

Which olives are affected?

The product that is the subject of a product recall are black olives from the Auchan brand. They are marketed throughout France, and in all Auchan stores. It should be specified that the points of sale of this brand are therefore numerous throughout the territory. And so, the product recall concerns everyone. Because of this, these olives are also available from other merchants. traders who market products of this Mark.

The product recall concerns a labeling issue. Indeed, its label does not indicate all the ingredients present in the jar of olives. Some of these pots contain green olives while on the labels there is none no mention. So there is also no mention of the allergen“almond”. This error can then become very serious. This product is therefore found in a list of defective products. People who have an allergy to the contents of this jar of olives could risk serious problems after consuming this product.

The attitude to adopt in the face of a product recall

In general, when a product is recalled, it implies that its consumption contains a risk for a certain number of people. But should we do after becoming aware of the product recall of these black olives? The answer is clear. They should be brought back to the store where the olives are sold. The only good behavior possible vis-à-vis a product recall. First, you will receive a refund for the recalled product. Otherwise, you no longer risk your health. And this, in the conditions where you do not support green olives wherever you are allergic to them.

It also happens that there is also a product recall at the moment on the batch of black olive tapenade. This last, which weighs 150 g, is also part of the Auchan brand. It should therefore be noted that the products concerned are marketed in all stores selling products of the Auchan brand. As well as in each Auchan store in the country.

To note ! The government site, Rappel Conso, lists most of the recalls of finished products. Products that are normally reserved for consumers. This reminder olives from Auchan indicates that the date of the end of the recall procedure is fixed at 19 September 2022.

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