prices (already) revised upwards for the Cybertruck!

Promised at less than $39,900 in 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck should ultimately cost more. Consequence of the economic crisis and inflation.

Bad news for the very atypical and highly anticipated model from the Californian manufacturer. the Tesla Cybertruck should cost more expensive that $39,900 announced in 2019. According to several international colleagues, Elon Musk, co-founder of the Tesla company, announced that the price would be increased at the group’s annual shareholders’ meetingindicating that “many things have changed” since the reveal of the model three years earlier.

The Cybertruck price was unveiled in 2019 and the reservation was $99. Many things have changed since then. Specifications and prices will be different. I know it’s a bit of bad news, but there was no way to anticipate inflation and various problems. But what I can say is that the Cybertruck is going to be one hell of a product. It’s gonna be one hell of a nice machine. “, Elon Musk during the meeting of shareholders.

The shortage and the economic crisis make life difficult for Tesla

Like other manufacturers in the automotive world, Tesla is hit hard by inflation and lack of components for its vehicles. All its models are seeing an increase in their price and extended delivery times.

The health crisis will also have undermined the manufacturer’s projects. Its Shanghai Gigafactory in China will have experienced several successive closures.

Still 3 versions for the Cybertruck?

Last I heard, Tesla’s Cybertruck is still available in three versions. The Cybertruck will be equipped with a choice of one, two or three engines, in two or four wheel drive. The autonomy of the Cybertruck would range from 400 to 800 km depending on the version. Ultra-fast charging would still be on the agenda, as would stand-alone control softwareFull Self-Drivingoptional.

However, it cannot be ruled out that the technical characteristics of the vehicle may change by the time it is produced.

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Marketing in 2023

The good news though is that the Tesla Cybertruck should start production next year. The automaker would start installing the necessary equipment and tools to produce the vehicle in the coming months.

At the last official count, the pre-order number of the model was over 650,000. But, still according to our colleagues, today it would exceed 1.5 million!

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