Polygon has over 142 million active users

The Polygon ecosystem is one of the hottest Web 3.0 platforms.

More than 37,000 decentralized applications now run on Polygon ($MATIC), Ethereum’s “layer-2”. The platform has seen its use soar in recent months. More than 11,000 teams of developers are currently working on projects related to the Polygon ecosystem, compared to just 8,000 last March. In the space of a year, Polygon has seen the number of decentralized apps using its platform quadruple.

According to the company, the decentralized software developed on its platform is mostly integrated exclusively on Polygon. “74% of the apps developed run only on Polygon, only 26% of Polygon apps are available on both the Ethereum blockchain and Polygon” explain the developers, which is of course a very good sign since the developers seem to trust the ecosystem.

The Polygon blockchain is what is known in jargon as a “Layer-2”, a network dependent on another blockchain – in this case Ethereum – which adds functionalities to it and allows an entire ecosystem to develop around it. . Its creators wanted to take advantage of the capabilities of Ethereum while correcting the defects of the blockchain.

According to the company, Polygon today has 142 million active users worldwide and hosts the equivalent of $5 billion in digital assets.

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