Polio virus spreads in New York: state of emergency declared

The vaccination rate is dangerously low according to the health department.

Health crisis, Act II. After the covidthe polio. This Friday, the governor of New YorkKathy Hochul, decreed emergency state in the face of the spread of cases of poliomyelitis. the virus was found in sewage from four counties (Rockland, Orange, Sullivan and now Nassau) as well as the city of New York.

As the virus spreads, this state of emergency must serve to accelerate the vaccination. Midwives and pharmacists, among others, will be able to administer the vaccine.

Polio directly attacks the nervous system of the contaminated and can cause irreversible paralysis.

Dangerously low vaccination rates

New York began surveillance procedures after a case was discovered in July. According to our colleagues from CNBC, this would be the first infection to UNITED STATES for ten years.

“On the poliomyelitiswe just can’t roll the dice”said New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett. “I urge New Yorkers to accept no risk. Polio vaccination is safe and effective, protecting nearly all people against the disease who receive the recommended doses”.

Polio vaccination rates are dangerously low in some New York counties. The vaccination rate is 60% in Rockland, 58% in Orange, 62% in Sullivan and 79% in Nassau. The state average for polio vaccination is about 79%, according to the health department.

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