Playing Cyberpunk 2077 or The Witcher in his Tesla? It becomes clearer

Elon Musk has repeatedly mentioned the possibility of playing our favorite games directly on the central screen of Tesla cars. This possibility is becoming more and more precise since the power of the central console of cars has been revised upwards. From the basic Tesla Arcade games, we could move on to the best “AAA” games on the market.

In Tesla cars, it is already possible to play a few games thanks to the Arcade section. It is thus possible to become part of Cuphead or chess, Solitaire and many other little games. But that is not enough for Elon Musk who wants to go much further. His goal ? Running games via the Steam platform on the central screen of his cars.

On September 16, the billionaire explained in a tweet that he was going to Pao Alto to test the integration of Steam in Tesla cars. Things are becoming more and more precise. Since then, we haven’t heard from Musk, who has promised us all kinds of things like being able to play “AAA” games in a Tesla. We are talking here about very greedy games like Cyberpunk 2077 Where The Witcher 3.

car console

But how to run such games in a car? Thanks to the new chip integrated into the car: the AMD Ryzen. This chip offers a power of 10 teraflops, more than enough to run such games. The proof: the Xbox Series X goes up to 12 teraflops and the PS5 to 10. We can then speak of a real console integrated into Tesla electric cars.

And that’s not all ! According to information from Electrek, Tesla is making the city of San Francisco in 3D using the brand new Unreal Engine 5. Tesla had already used this engine during AI Day to present all the capabilities of autonomous driving vehicles .

We can therefore imagine a whole new racing simulation directly available in Tesla models. In any case, it would be a beautiful abyss. Elon Musk would in any case like to make this simulation of San Francisco public. Other games could then use this 3D representation to develop games. In short, a field of possibilities opens up and it will be necessary to keep an eye on the Tesla gaming section.

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