Pixel 7 Pro: Google’s next smartphone already visible at some retailers

News hardware Pixel 7 Pro: Google’s next smartphone already visible at some retailers

Announced last May during the famous Google I/O conference, the Pixel 7 Pro, the brand’s future flagship, should be launched this fall after a formal presentation, except that it has already arrived at certain retailers, such as it can be seen in a video posted on social networks.

From leak to leak, we already know almost everything about Google Pixel 7 smartphones even before their official presentation

We were still talking about it as recently as July, but what is Google doing with its devices? After being seen on ebay in May or even delivered in place of a Pixel 6 Pro a few days later to an American consumer, here it is now in the hands of certain Asian retailers who are not deprived of making one. rigorous unboxing.

And all this without mentioning the leaks concerning the Pixel Watch, also expected for this fall. Decidedly, it is not good to keep a secret at Google! Unless it’s all perfectly orchestrated? Stroke of genius or clumsiness, we will probably never know.

If the release of the Pixel 7 and Pro has been confirmed by Google as early as June for this fall, we recently learned thata third, or even a fourth, model, which should not be a 7a, would also be announced, for release, certainly, a little later in the year.

Pixel 7 Pro: Google's next smartphone already visible at some retailersPixel 7 Pro: Google's next smartphone already visible at some retailers

If the appearance of a Pixel 7 Pro Ultra is hardly more in doubt, the big question that burns our lips concerns the presence, or not, of a foldable smartphone, which is currently very popular with all manufacturers. We could then imagine a Google Pixel Fold (or Notepad), to compete with Samsung and its Galaxy Fold 4 for example. For the latter, there is even talk of a 7.6-inch AMOLED panel at 120 Hz designed by… Samsung himself.

As usual, Google will bet big on the photo part, what they have been focusing their efforts on since the release of the first Pixel: to offer the best photophone on the market.

Patience, there is not much more to wait, since all of this should be officially announced on October 6 or 13the date has not yet been finalized.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphone already visible in Bangladesh!

Today, we therefore had the right to a new leak concerning the Pixel 7 Pro, this time from Bangladesh… We are certainly far from the headquarters of Google where the smartphone is imagined, but much closer to the factories of fabrications.

As you can see in the video below, this is from Gadgetfull BH, an electronics store based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We can clearly see the box, the device, the beautiful screen and a first start which does not tell us anything more, except that Google is definitely not very good at keeping a secret or on the contrary that they are the kings of teasing.

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