Pierre Gasly, after the announcement of Sebastian Vettel’s retirement: “He’s a fantastic guy and an incredible driver! »

Lewis Hamilton, seven-time F1 world champion: “Seb, it’s been an honor to call you competitor and an even greater honor to call you my friend. The objective is always to leave this sport leaving it better than we found it. I have no doubt that whatever awaits you will be exciting, relevant and rewarding. I love you, man! »

Red Bull, his team from 2009 to 2014 and with whom he won all his titles: “Danke, Seb. Thank you for the good times and the four world championships. »

Ferrari, his team from 2015 to 2020: “It has been an honor to share so many memories with you in F1. Looking forward to enjoying the last races together in the paddock. »

Charles Leclerc, Monegasque driver at Ferrari and former teammate of Vettel at the Scuderia (2019-2020): “It will be strange not to see Seb in the paddock anymore. I learned so much driving alongside him and he was always super nice to me. I will definitely miss him in the paddock, but I wish him the best and I’m sure he will find other things that will make him happy in a different way. »

Max Verstappen, reigning world champion: “Congratulations Seb for an incredible career. I’m very happy to have shared the track with you, let’s make sure your last races are great again. »

Pierre Gasly, French driver at AlphaTauri: “F1 will miss him as he is a legend in the sport, just look at his stats. He has a sharp personality. He is a character in the paddock, he will be missed, I have enormous respect for him. When I joined the Red Bull program, I was able to learn from his last year there to see the efforts, the work he was doing, his investment in F1. When I won in GP2 in 2016, that I was not promoted directly to F1 […] I called him for 5 minutes to get his opinion on all this, his advice […], it turned into a 1h30 conversation. When he was driving for Ferrari I was obviously at the bottom of his consideration list but he gave me all that time. He helped me know how to handle what was happening, gave me advice on how to turn the situation in my favor. […] He’s a fantastic guy, and an incredible pilot! »

Mick Schumacher, German driver at Haas “Thank you for everything you have brought to the sport we both love, I can’t wait to watch our last races together. Thank you, Seb, you are an inspiration. I am so sad that you are leaving F1, but at the same time excited for you with this new chapter of your life that is about to open. You were and still are a very important person for me and I thank you for your friendship. »


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