Pharmacists now allowed to inject all mandatory vaccines

In addition to the flu and Covid-19, pharmacists can, as of Monday, inject 14 additional vaccines in their pharmacies provided that patients have a prescription.

The prerogatives of pharmacists are expanding. From this Monday, November 7, it is now possible to be injected with all the compulsory vaccines and their reminders in pharmacies, indicated the Order of Pharmacists on its website. Until now, pharmacists were only authorized to vaccinate against seasonal flu and against Covid-19.

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“Improve vaccination coverage in France”

The new national pharmaceutical agreement now authorizes patients aged 16 and over, for whom these vaccines are recommended in the vaccination schedule in force, to have the product administered directly in their pharmacies, provided that they have a prescribed by their doctor. The vaccines concerned are that against diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, pertussis, human papillomaviruses, invasive pneumococcal infections, hepatitis A and B viruses, meningococci of serogroups A, B, C, Y and W and against rabies.

To qualify for this new skill, pharmacists must themselves be trained and declared to the Regional Health Agency (ARS). The new agreement organizing the relationship between pharmacists and health insurance was recorded last March and its terms set by two decrees published in the Official newspaper in March and April. A decision made to “to improve vaccination coverage in France and to facilitate the path for patients wishing to be vaccinated”. As for the flu, the vaccination act will be charged 7.50 euros.

Pharmacists could also be authorized in the coming months to prescribe the vaccines themselves. The Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS) for 2023 includes a measure that will “the prescription of certain vaccines by pharmacists”, specifies the Order.

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