Peter Bosz not completely satisfied after victory

Large winner of ESTAC, Olympique Lyonnais has won a second victory in two games with style (4-1). But despite the victory, Peter Bosz, the Rhone coach who we are starting to know well, once again shared a few moments of the match that displeased him. In particular, in the first period, after the opening of the score of Alexandre Lacazette (2nd).

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“I said in the locker room: the same, 11 names, but different players. The first half, we were always late in the pressing. We were much better placed in second. We were bad in first. Point. The pressing was too late, but it was much better in the second half. It’s not a rhythm problem, we were bad, period! At the start of the match, the pressing was not good, Troyes had too much possession of the ball. After the break, the tempo was higher, so we had more chanceshe explained on Prime Videobefore discussing the individual cases. Heat ? He’s a real winger. We saw it tonight. But for me, Tetê and Gusto didn’t play really well. Tete could do even better. Malo Gusto was not really in good shape, he was sick”.

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