Paul Pogba paid nearly 100,000 euros to his extortionists

According to information from RMC, Paul Pogba has paid money to former dating for an amount reaching nearly 100,000 euros. This would not have satisfied his extortionists who claim 13 million euros from the midfielder of Juventus and the France team.

The puzzle is being pieced together little by little. The extortion of which Paul Pogba would have been the victim would have cost the player around 100,000 euros, far from the sum claimed by his blackmailers, according to information from the Police-Justice service of RMC.

In his hearing on August 9, the player actually claimed that following the various pressures he suffered last March, including the request for 13 million euros, he had started to pay money to his old dating.

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The extortionists would have continued their pressure on the player until abroad

In total, the player paid around 100,000 euros, probably thinking to save time and satisfy the extortionists. In reality, this would not have calmed them down and the request for payment of the 13 million euros would have been renewed, with pressure on the player even abroad, in England and Italy. Cornered, Paul Pogba explains that he finally filed a complaint, first in Italy, before being heard in France.

According to the player, there is no “marabout” story around Kylian MbappĂ©, contrary to what his brother Mathias claims, who claims to have proof of this.

According to the 2018 world champion, his former acquaintances believe he owes money “to those who protected him for years”, to those who “ensured (his) safety”. This would be the basis of the extortion and the attempt that continued, according to the account given by Paul Pogba to the investigators.

An investigating judge seized in the coming days?

On the procedural side, the Paris prosecutor’s office has indeed opened a preliminary investigation but could seize an examining magistrate in the coming days (probably before the end of the week).

Until then, no hearing is scheduled for the middle of the France team or for any of his relatives. The investigation is continuing to verify many points and to try to identify all the protagonists of the affair which is shaking French football less than three months from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

JAu with the Police-Justice service of RMC

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