Mastercard embeds its payment infrastructure in Web3 and NFTs

Mastercard will allow the direct purchase of NFTs While he increases the announcements in favor of the adoption of cryptocurrenciesespecially since last year, the giant Mastercard today takes an important step and announces that it is working to make the purchase of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) accessible to its 2.9 billion customers worldwide. Via an official … Read more

what is Apple proposing to challenge Google Maps?

It has been present in iPhones for 10 years but users often prefer its competitors Google Maps or Waze. Apple Maps isn’t Apple’s most popular app. Launched in 2018, it has always lived in the shadow of its main rivals before undergoing a major overhaul in 2018. Noting its failure, Apple has set out to … Read more

Fruits and vegetables infested with pesticides: this sensor that protects consumer health

Many fruits and vegetables we eat are infested with pesticide residues. To better identify the presence of these substances in food products, Swedish researchers have developed an inexpensive and reproducible mini-sensor. Developed by scientists from the Karolinska Institute (Sweden), this nano-sensor is inspired by a method that has existed since the 1970s: surface enhanced Raman … Read more

Monkey pox: what is this new symptom of Monkeypox that becomes “very painful” when you go to the bathroom?

US health authorities are identifying new information about Monkeypox that should be released to doctors next week. Among them, this new symptom. Little by little, the monkeypox spreads. The bar of 1,000 cases worldwide has been exceeded according to theWorld Health Organization (WHO). And in the last 24 hours, theus army announced its first case. … Read more

Madrid fans are also complaining

French police officers were sent to Spain to collect the complaints of Real Madrid supporters who were victims of crimes on the sidelines of the Champions League final at the Stade de France on May 28. Article written by Posted on 06/11/2022 07:10 Reading time : 1 min. The system launched on Monday June 6, … Read more