vaccinating women after an operation to remove pre-cancerous cells would be very effective

While the HAS recommends vaccinating girls and boys between the ages of 11 and 14 against the papillomavirus, researchers have observed beneficial effects of the vaccine administered after surgery to remove pre-cancerous cells. Against the papillomavirus, vaccination is strongly recommended in adolescence, between 11 and 14 years old, if we follow the recommendations of the … Read more

Live on the internet, he forgets to look at the road in front of him and damages his Tesla in Autopilot mode

Zapping Autonews Land Rover Defender 130 (2022): the 8-seater hybrid variant on video Even though Tesla’s Autopilot system continues to make progress, it still can’t stand on its own. It has also been specified in the Highway Code that the driver must be able to take the wheel at any time. Yes, a bad maneuver … Read more

Ethereum: only one can remain – ChainLink will refuse any fork

The end of a story – The long-awaited update ofEthereum fast approaching. The entire community of developers, creators and investors has their eyes on this historic event. Even critics of Vitalik Buterin and his protocol. Such a modification of its structure (without stopping the chain) raises many questions regarding the securing of assets in particular. … Read more

Top 10 answers to existential questions we ask ourselves on the beach

When we go to the beach, it’s rarely to rack our brains with bullshit questions, the answers to which are anything but obvious. That’s good, I’m not going to the beach. So I have the right to rack my brains, with bullshit questions, in order to make their answers obvious. Why is sea water salty? … Read more

Leicester: Fofana, Chelsea return to the charge

show more… Chelsea continue to insist on Leicester central defender Wesley Fofana (21, 1 Premier League game this season)! Considered the priority of Blues coach Thomas Tuchel in this position for this summer transfer window, the Frenchman has already been the subject of two offers, estimated at 75 then 82 million euros, refused by the … Read more