How to Use SUMIF in Google Sheets

When you ask people what Google Sheets functions they know about, the most common answers you’ll get are SUM and IF. But what if I tell you that Google Sheets has a feature that combines the two? The SUMIF feature will become one of your favorites after we explore how it can streamline your workflow. … Read more

Ethereum: the second Starknet layer launches its governance token

One more token for L2s – Faced with the rise of decentralized finance, the blockchain Ethereum experienced significant congestion phases. These have inexorably driven transaction costs upwards. To overcome this problem, many second-layer solutions have emerged. For several months, the latter have been launching their governance token in turn. It is now the turn of … Read more

Coinbase could be the next big bust!

Business Insider reports that Coinbase is temporarily closing its affiliate marketing program in the United States. According to an email sent to three creators, the cryptocurrency exchange will suspend its program starting July 19, citing current market conditions and a negative outlook for the cryptocurrency industry. Ben Armstrong, a crypto influencer and creator of Bitboy … Read more

Javier Soltero, Head of Google Workspace, Leaves

Advertising Javier Soltero is leaving Google Workspace, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian announced in an email to staff seen by Protocol on Wednesday. Soltero will step down effective July 15. soltero confirmed his plans on Twittersaying: “I am proud of what we have achieved during this period and confident [sic] the Workspace team, its leaders … Read more