Our opinion on the MOB Hotel in Lyon

This hotel is like no other. And that’s why I present it to you in this article. In fact, MOB HOTEL is a concrete utopia in total porosity with our century in search of paradigms, our metropolises pressed by galloping demography and humans who question themselves. We were looking for a hotel with a charging station and we found the MOB Hotel.


For the creators of this universe and those responsible for its bodily envelope (this hotel), “think the Other” today is the only guarantee of a peaceful world tomorrow. According to them, the challenge that we would have to overcome is based on our ability to “DO TOGETHER”.

They say it themselves: It may seem arrogant for a hotel to dare to address this type of subject, but on the contrary, for us, these intuitions are the salt of our “doing”. But that’s all what makes the specificity and the very essence of this unique place. From this intimate thought was created a place, a dream Republic…

MOB HOTEL is a veritable Ali Baba’s cave where neighbors share vegetable gardens with customers. A “KOLKHOZITA” incubator graciously welcomes business creators, cultural movements, associations, as well as a library of more than 2000 paperbacks which offers a fun way for the transmission of culture.

It’s so different from conventional hotels that you’ll never want to try other establishments again – less committed, less invested, less real.


MOB HOTEL – OF – THE PEOPLE is thought for its guests and with its guests. And that is precisely what we notice first and appreciate the most. Well-being and hospitality have their source in the permanent evolution of the establishment, a transformation according to customer expectations, social changes and innovations.

MOB-HOTEL accompanies the metamorphosis of CONFLUENCE, former popular district of Lyon, to set up its second eponymous establishment there. A very singular philosophy where the values ​​of hospitality, conviviality, benevolence, smile, pluralism, culture, philosophy, knowledge, spirituality, ataraxia, sincerity and honesty are defended. An extraordinary experience.

Rooms bathed in light and sources of creativity

View from the room of the Mob Hotel

The architecture is modern, like its recently transformed district. The building extends over more than 5,000 m2 and gives way to many terraces and balconies : a treat on sunny days! Indeed, the sun seeps into each of the bedrooms, which all have a balcony – no jealousy.

Highlight: The large and colorful rooms are veritable islands of creativity. The bedding competes with that of the largest palaces. The decor, warm and minimalist, is familiar.

Without forgetting the connectivity of the place! Connected smartphones allow world travelers to make free calls abroad and wander around the city of two hills while taking advantage of 4G.

Convictions such as one finds so rarely

Cosmetics are natural and encourage responsible action with the STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME brand! For all eco-conscious travellers, this is a real plus.

Especially since the convictions of MOB HOTEL are vast and lead us directly to the kitchen. The food is organic, local and from agricultural cooperatives. The menu, minimalist, evolves with the seasons and finds from the market of Brice Morvent, adorable and adored chef (there is something!).

Different options – according to needs and desires:

  • At the bar, at lunchtime, a “breaking the slab” formula is offered. The classic tuna sandwiches with raw vegetables, chicken mayonnaise and other cantal pickles will gladly be accompanied by a drink and coffee, on the spot or to take away.
  • The restaurant offer offers a dish of the day and some wonderful pizzas of which John Berg, double world champion, has the secret.
  • In the evening, the offer expands with 3 starters, 2 main courses and 2 desserts. Heart of beef from the Rhône region, apricots from Roussillon and other wonders from the surrounding regions will bring permanent movement to the menu.

MOB HOTEL – OF – THE PEOPLE inhabits the World

The more knowledgeable will take a table directly on the terrace for a guaranteed change of scenery. The spirit, radically different, will recall Latin America for a spicy cuisine. Colors and smells will make you waver from the Rum bar to the Tequila bar. Walls of peppers will warm up the atmosphere. The cuisine, popular, will make you travel to the four corners of the world. A feast for the senses!

Without forgetting the originality of iconic spaces MOB HOTEL with its grocery store as a reception, its pop-up store, its AIR MOB lounge, its meditation room, its open-air cinema, its vegetable gardens dedicated to local residents, its co-working for start-ups and its meeting spaces . An ephemeral swimming pool on the Saône even takes up summer quarters…

Finally, in addition to the “destination charging” terminals at the foot of the hotel, you can find public terminals on each side of the Place Nautique. A stone’s throw from the hotel, therefore, and a great way to make your ecological desires a reality.

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