Orders open in France for the Tesla Model S and Model X Plaid – AVEM

With the Plaid versions, the performance of the Tesla Model S and Model X has never been so important. The manufacturer has just opened the tap to order them, with deliveries which could take place before the end of this year 2022.

Videos have been published on Youtube to present the specificities of these models. Especially about the Yoke steering wheel which seems to come from both the world of aviation and that of video games.


Launched in 2012 and 2015 respectively, the Tesla Model S and Model X undergo with their Plaid version the most important evolution in their history. It covers both the chassis and the powertrain as well as the cabin, the interior, the temperature management, and the electronic components.

A list which is however not exhaustive. Work has also been done on production processes, weight reduction, and exterior design. The 2 electric cars now know their most explosive cocktail obtained from a mixture of luxury, performance and technology.

Model S Poster

If some doubt the arrival of a new Tesla roadster that would be able to complete the 0 to 100 km / h in less than 2 seconds, the figures already sealed for the Model S Plaid are close: 2.1 s, for a top speed of 322 km/h which however requires subscribing to a paid hardware upgrade. This car is basically a sedan.

This performance is made possible by the presence of 3 high-performance motors with carbon-coated rotors that offer a combined power of 750 kW (1,020 horsepower). Note that the American manufacturer indicates its times by deducting a short launch phase of 30 cm. The announced autonomy does not collapse however: 600 km, against 634 at best for the slightly wiser version.

Offered in France from 138,990 euros, the Tesla Model S Plaid will come as standard in a pearly white dress (optional: black, midnight grey, blue and red) and fitted with 19-inch Tempest alloy wheels. With a carbon fiber finish, the interior will be black by default. White and beige are optional.

Model X Poster

It’s the same powertrain that can carry the Tesla Model X Plaid up to a speed of 262 km/h, after having shot down the 0-100 km/h in 2.6 s. The manufacturer communicates on a range of 528 km. Both for the interior and exterior, the same colors are offered as standard and as an option.

In notable difference, Cyberstream 20 inch rims by default. The capacity to tow a trailer is also specific: 2,250 kg, compared to 1,600 kg for the Model S Plaid. As for the latter, the official website advances, for an order placed on August 10, 2022, a possible delivery between December 2022 and February 2023.

The starting price for the Tesla Model X Plaid is 141,990 euros. The new interior includes the Yoke steering wheel, tri-zone ventilation, 17-inch touchscreen angled towards the driver. This tablet has exceptional responsiveness for gaming (up to 10 teraflops of computing power) or watching a video.

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