optimization of routes according to the engine of your vehicle

Google Maps, the famous mapping service, now includes optimized routes for gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid motor vehicles in order to save fuel for users. If these new criteria are currently only available in the United States, they should arrive in Europe in the near future.

New travel optimization criteria

In order to make travel easier and faster, Google Maps has already had a travel optimization. This functionality includes travel by car, motorbike, on foot or even by train. As explained by the media 9to5Google in an article of July 14, 2022, this feature now includes new optimization criteria.

In the United States, since 2021, Google Maps users can indeed know the route that consumes the least fuel between point A and point B. However, this ideal route may vary depending on the type of vehicle engine. Google Maps could launch these new criteria in Europe this year, but nothing is certain yet.

Google Maps
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Save as much fuel as possible

In fact, Google has yet to make any statement about a European rollout. The 9to5Google site explains that it “digged” into the code of the Google Maps application in its 11.39 beta version and discovered text that could be used when the novelty will be present outside the United States. In other words, Google Maps would have already prepared the ground for this extension. When effective, the options petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid will therefore be available. So while a rollout in Europe and elsewhere in the world seems certain, no one can say when exactly that will happen.

When presenting the new options in the United States in 2021, Google Maps explained that it wanted to make compromises between fast and fuel-efficient routes as part of its optimizations. However, the aim will be to save as much fuel as possible while allowing the driver to waste as little time as possible.

Finally, the new Google Maps criteria are part of a desire to reduce the environmental impact of transport. Thus, the firm has also launched new features on Google Flight, in particular to identify the flights with the lowest carbon emissions. In addition, Google Maps has also recently had the Lite navigation feature. the latter, for example, allows cyclists to quickly see important details of their route without keeping their screen permanently on.

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