On Google, the search for a game leads to cloud gaming services

Streaming game services are getting a big boost from Google. US users are beginning to see links to access cloud versions of games from search results. If Stadia, Google’s own cloud gaming service, is one of the platforms offered, it is not the only one: Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce NOW and Luna (Amazon) are also part of the party.

A search for “Destiny 2” thus returns to Stadia and GeForce NOW, another with “Darksiders Genesis” offers to launch the game for free on Stadia. A search with “Fortnite”? Google suggests immediately launching the online version, which was recently available on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

However, the results may vary depending on the device used (smartphone or computer). And a priori, only the United States are concerned for the moment. But allowing a game to be launched directly from Google’s search results could allow the entire streaming game industry to gain serious visibility and popularity.

GeForce NOW’s new 1440p option on the web.

Nvidia has also updated GeForce NOW: the service now supports 1440p at 120 fps on Chrome and Edge. Subscribers to the RTX 3080 option will be able to select the option from a compatible web browser, rather than going through the dedicated application (the web version was until now limited to 1080p / 60 FPS).


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