Norway: Dissatisfied Tesla drivers go on hunger strike

Norway is known around the world as a haven for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. As of July 2022, these accounted for almost 90% of all new light-duty vehicles sold in the country – and 13 of the 15 most popular models in terms of new registrations.

The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are ranked first and eleventh respectively. However, not all their owners are satisfied. A small group of them has just started a hunger strike in order to pressure the Californian manufacturer to improve its service and solve various quality problems.

Protesters have also placarded their vehicles to express their demands and hope to attract the attention of Tesla boss Elon Musk. At the time of this writing, the latter has not yet reacted.

On the web page created by the group, we can see about thirty reproaches and complaints against Tesla. It ranges from operating and charging problems in cold weather to manufacturing defects (paint, seats, etc.) to various noises and an ineffective Autopilot system. The demonstrators also denounce the poor communication with the company and the lack of support when it comes time to repair a defect.

Will the tactics of these Norwegians bear fruit? We doubt it.

Photo: AFP

Elsewhere in the world

Earlier this month, California’s motor vehicle agency accused Tesla of lying to consumers about its self-driving technologies and filed suit in a state administrative court.

In July, the manufacturer was targeted by an appeal from a German consumer association which accuses it of inadequacies in terms of confidentiality of data on its electric cars and misleading claims about CO2 emission reductions.

Shortly before that, the American Highway Safety Agency (NHTSA) extended the investigation opened last summer into the responsibility of the Autopilot system in a series of collisions with emergency vehicles. Another investigation stems from several complaints from drivers worrying about unexpected braking.

Finally, last winter, the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y came under the scrutiny of Transport Canada after 16 consumer complaints about the malfunctioning of the heating and air conditioning system, which can affect the demisting and defrosting of the windshield. broken. A recall was issued for some 2,000 vehicles (also including Model S), with the fix requiring only a software update… and no hunger strikes.

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