No, Stadia is not dead (according to Google)

A leak announced the closure of Stadia before the end of the summer, Google has denied this information.

google stadia
Credit: Google

Corridor noises announcing an imminent closure of Google Stadia intensifying, the cloud gaming service was forced to defend itself on social networks. “Stadia is not closing. Rest assured that we are constantly striving to bring new quality games to the platform and to Stadia Pro”communicated the official Stadia account on Twitter in response to a player’s concern.

A message that should not reassure users when a previous report indicated that Google would have decided to sell its cloud gaming technology rather than market it itself, and that the group is known to quickly close services that do not work. not.

Google denies closing Stadia

This trend has even led to the creation of a Twitter account Killed by Google, which has precisely set fire to the powder. This one shared a testimonial from a source who presents himself as a “former colleague and friend” one of Google’s regional managers. According to him, a seminar would have recently been organized with employees in California, and Google would have presented a Stadia exit plan there.

No exact date has been set, but the source mentions an end of service “before the end of summer”. A window so close, however, seems highly unlikely to us. That a later shutdown is announced by then is plausible, but Google should give players time before shutting down Stadia, especially since FIFA 23 is due to arrive there on September 30, 2022.

A last month of Stadia free?

According to the informant, “the last month of service will be refunded and with the possibility of using the service free of charge”. He also specifies that “all members would be informed 30 to 60 days before”which somewhat contradicts his comments about a closure during the summer.

He also mentioned a closure to Google Play Music and no transfer of their services and servers to another platform, which was an option for a while.

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