No more free navigation for life

Tesla offers two different connectivity packages. The standard connectivity pack including integrated navigation and the Premium pack which adds live traffic visualization, music streaming, an Internet browser, video streaming and sentinel mode, a particularly effective anti-theft, since it films continuously everything that happens around the car.

Until now, the standard package was included in all Tesla vehicles. From now on, navigation will be free for the first 8 years after purchase and will then become a subscription whose price has not yet been revealed.

Tesla's Autopilot questioned again
Tesla’s Autopilot questioned again – DR

As you will have understood, the people who are likely to be the most affected are those who buy used Teslas. Bypass this future fee by using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity? Impossible, Teslas are not compatible with these “mirror” applications.

We should add that the Tesla navigation system is necessary for autonomous driving, which should be available by the end of the year.

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