Nîmes: the final report of Batlles after the disappointing draw

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The start of the season for AS Saint-Etienne is complicated. Relegated to Ligue 2, the Greens conceded a draw at home against Nîmes Olympique this Saturday after a defeat suffered last week on the lawn of Dijon. Penalized by 3 points by the Federation, the men of Laurent Batlles are still in last place in the standings after two games played. However, the French technician is happy not to have lost.

“There is disappointment in not winning the match, but also a bit of joy in not losing it. On their only ball outing in the first half, they score. We have a few chances that we don’t put , fortunately, a fact of the game puts us back in the match. Today we are not hurting the opponents, we have to be more fair in the last gesture. We had decided to put some rhythm, put two against one in the corridors, to try to create a little imbalance. We missed certain things, passes and controls, at this level it’s difficult to score when that happens. We have to raise the level but in the state of mind we were there, we try to build something and we know it’s not easy.

Laurent Batlles also returned to some of his choices and in particular the fact of playing with four defenders.

“I went to four because I put the players in position. It’s easier for them to understand, to play in their position. I wanted to see something else in the corridors. It takes time, but the we don’t really have it, because we have to quickly come back to the others, what matters to me is that we remove these negative points. There are positive points but we cannot be satisfied with that, I need more accuracy and speed. In front of JP’s level (Krasso, editor’s note), I can’t change it too much because I don’t have another striker. Not losing is also important.”

to summarize

ASSE conceded a draw against Nîmes on Saturday, a disappointing result for the supporters but also for the coach of the Greens. However, the French technician is happy not to have lost after suffering a loss to Dijon last week.

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