Nigeria asks Google to block a number of channels on YouTube – La Nouvelle Tribune

The federal government of Nigeria asked Google to prevent Youtubeits video hosting site, from streaming channels run by banned groups in the country, as clarified by the Nigerian Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed. “YouTube channels are used to spread disinformation and hatred against Nigeria, among other things, he said, as quoted by South African radio station SABC on Friday. Prohibited groups and their affiliates in our country should be cut off from Google platformsMr Mohammed stressed that the government was extremely concerned about the online activities of separatist-linked extremist groups seeking to secure an independent entity, Biafra, in southeastern Nigeria.

The minister was speaking after a meeting with Google executives in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, on August 4. Nigerian authorities blocked the operation of the country’s social network, Twitter, in June 2021 after it deleted two messages from the president Muhammadu Buhari strongly warning against separatists. Seven months later, the ban was lifted after Twitter management met key federal government requirements, including registering the social network in Nigeria. (Tasse)

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