NFT Lady Ape Club: Should you buy now before the price explosion?

LAC chose STRMNFT because, according to a spokesperson, they saw a “promising” NFT ecosystem that will be established on its foundations. LAC also indicated that one of the things that caught their attention is the NFT issuance protocol using STRMNFT’s NSTA 602 consensus.

According to LAC, since the majority of blockchains do not effectively scale emissions when a significant number of requests are initiated, many NFT collections suffer from the high cost that comes with high network demand: We believe that issuing on STRMNFT would give us a better chance to take advantage of the emerging market in the ecosystem of StreamCoin. »

LAC promises to provide Lady Ape owners with access to exclusive benefits. The NFT organization also intends to “breed” baby monkeys and release them. There is currently no more information about these “baby monkeys”.

The StreamCoin team said that to mint and validate ownership of NFTs on its STRMNFT marketplace, it created a “one-time process” to waive NFT issuance fees until July 2022 to make the favorable environment.

Can LAC be successful with BAYC?

The LAC is like a female version of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Both projects share the same theme. But BAYC took advantage of the 2021 bull market. LAC falls at the wrong time, but this is an opportunity for investors.

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The LAC collection is the only one currently listed on STRMNFT. About 200 bored Lady Apes are listed on the Marketplace and they weren’t for sale yet when we checked.

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