News | Health video: the loss of smell is not just the Covid

It is an evil that has been brought to light by the Covid-19 pandemic. Anosmia, or loss of smell, has become one of the most frequently detected symptoms after Sars-Cov-2 infection. Yet many patients each year lose this sense as a result of nasal polyposis, virus, or trauma.

To remedy this, in Marseille, the Hôpital de la Conception submits its patients to an adapted course. Accompanied by a nurse, Mirna, 55, victim of a fall in November 2021 causing the disappearance of her sense of smell, will take the olfactometry test to measure her olfactory sensitivity. For a good half hour, she will smell dozens of markers with neutral and then concentrated scents. The goal: to first determine if the patient manages to detect an odor, and finally if she manages to identify the scent. After an assessment with Professor Justin Michel, head of the ENT department, the latter will direct him to a speech therapist. Since the multiplication of long Covid cases, Emmanuelle receives more and more patients who have lost their sense of smell.

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