New delivery record for Tesla, which jumps on the stock market

It’s a record. Elon Musk’s firm delivered 308,600 vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2021, an increase of 28% compared to the previous quarter. This is much more than anticipated by the Bloomberg consensus, or 263,000 deliveries. Moreover, it is a new record despite a context marked by the shortage of semiconductors. As a result, Tesla’s stock rose 10% to $1,163.26 in New York City. As usual, Tesla warns that the number of deliveries should be considered “slightly conservative” and could be raised “up to 0.5% or more” later. In detail, it is the Model 3 / Model Y duo (296,850 units) which represents the largest part of deliveries, while the Model S / Model X pair totals 11,750 deliveries.


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Meanwhile, Tesla produced 305,840 vehicles in the fourth quarter, up 29% from the previous quarter. Over the whole of 2021, Tesla is therefore close to one million vehicles delivered (936,172). This represents an 87% jump from 2020. Currently, Tesla boasts a stratospheric market capitalization of $1.167 billion. This is disproportionate to those of its competitors General Motors (89 billion), Ford (87 billion) or even Stellantis (61 billion dollars).


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