New Cybertruck Details Coming Soon

The Tesla Cybertruck is getting ever closer to production, and the electric pickup was recently spotted doing some laps. The track in question is Tesla’s Fremont factory test track, and the truck can be seen with standard side mirrors as well as a single wiper on the side of the windshield.

Good news: The Tesla Cybertruck is getting closer to production!

The Tesla vehicle is stripped of its aero hubcaps, another item we know associated with the production Cybertruck. Another change from the original shape of the truck, the edges are more rounded in order to meet pedestrian safety requirements.

The truck appears to be rolling down the track at a pretty decent speed, which would match Tesla’s original goal of making the Cybertruck a pickup. performance comparable to that of some sports cars.

Pictures leaked…

Although discreet on this subject, Tesla is making good progress on the industrialization of the Cybertruck. Leaked photos reveal a new version of the electric pickup, closer to the series. The utility range will be capped by a version with four engines.

More than two years after its presentation with a concept car announced close to the series, the Tesla Cybertruck finally seems to become an industrial reality. Leaked photos from the Texas Gigafactory where the electric pickup will be produced reveal an evolution of the utility. The vehicle appears much closer to a production model than the previous version.

Better than the others?

After being repeatedly delayed, the Cybertruck is expected to go into production in late 2023. Comparing that number to the originally planned launch in 2021, one wonders if Tesla will arrive too late on the holiday. electric pick-up…

The original Cybertruck promised some pretty enticing specs, but since its announcement, other impressive vehicles like the Ford F-150 Lightning, GMC Hummer EV, Rivian R1T and Chevy Silverado EV have already been released or will be before Tesla’s offer. Many of these trucks offer the same performance, range and tricks, if not more, which could be bad news for Tesla if they don’t pull themselves together. Case to follow during its official presentation.

When the model was announced, the American manufacturer announced a range of 480 km and a price of $39,900 in the United States (about €35,300 today) for the basic version. He also mentioned a range of 800 km, a time of 2.9 s to reach 60 mph (96 km/h) and a towing capacity of 6.3 tons for the trimotor variant. No price has yet been announced for France, but it is already possible to pre-book the Cybertruck by paying a refundable deposit of €100. The leaks from the beginning of the year could augur an official presentation soon.

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