New billionaire in Tesla’s shareholding – Should we buy TSLA shares?

Tesla News as of 08/15/2022

According to a document filed Friday, August 12 with the American stock market watchdog, the Securities and Exchange Commission, his investment company Soros Fund Management acquired 29,883 Tesla shares which represented just over $20.1 million at the end of June. That stake is worth more now as Tesla stock has risen more than 30% since then.

Soros Fund Management increased its holdings of big tech stocks ahead of their sharp rally in recent weeks, while adding more than $200 million in shares of American Campus Communities

As a reminder, George Soros is well known for his philanthropic works and the millions of dollars he devotes to foundations and NGOs. It is therefore a strong support that could further advance Tesla’s interest and value on the stock market.

Tesla price (TSLA): what is the current price?

Here’s Tesla’s live course.

What is Tesla? What you need to know

Tesla is best known for its electric cars (EVs). But it is also a manufacturer of batteries, solar panels and the design of energy storage solutions.

After the launch of the Tesla Roadster, the world’s first electric sports vehicle, in 2008, Tesla gained notoriety. The Model S, a sedan, followed the Roadster and became the second best-selling plug-in electric vehicle in the world, behind the Nissan Leaf.

Fully electric cars are becoming increasingly popular. There are several reasons for this, including tightening vehicle emissions requirements, advances in technology and most importantly consumer enthusiasm around EVs.

Tesla’s business strategy prioritizes the installation of charging stations. This is essentially the most significant obstacle to the widespread adoption of the group’s electric cars.

Tesla is also branching out into energy storage devices for households and businesses.

Opinion on what is driving Tesla stock down

Tesla stock can be negatively impacted by a number of factors.

  • Concerns around the Cybertruck model
  • Opening of a legal investigation against Tesla
  • Loss of market share due to competition
  • Technical issues with its EVs

Opinion on what makes Tesla stock rise

Tesla stock can be positively impacted by a number of factors.

  • Advances in Austin and Berlin factories
  • More annual EV sales
  • Encouraging tweets from Elon Musk
  • Announcing a new EV model

Conclusion of our opinion on Tesla: is it a good investment?

  • Tesla Mirror Mag Rating: 9/10

Mid-term Tesla stock opinion

Tesla shares fell well at the start of 2022, this is a good opportunity to position yourself on the pullback while waiting to target its all-time highs.

Long-term Tesla stock opinion

Tesla is the leader of an industry in full transformation. Its stock would reach $1,500 by 2024 according to an analysis by Baron.

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