Motorcyclist Laughs Last After Ridiculous Rebuke From Tesla Owner

Not everyone is a fan of electric cars, and Tesla drivers encounter people who demonstrate their disapproval of their cars in particular ways. They are cut off and given the middle finger for no apparent reason. This Tesla owner was immobilized, waiting at a red light. A motorcyclist on a Harley Davidson was stopped behind the Tesla. He pointed aggressively at the car and appeared to shout his disapproval as they waited for the light to turn green. As the light changed and the cars started moving, the driver of the Tesla accelerated to distance himself. He cared little what the motorcyclist had to say. The motorcyclist sharply rounded the Tesla, entering the center lane and he cut so close to the front bumper that the Tesla driver was forced to brake. The motorcyclist immediately slowed down and activated his left turn signal, intending to turn into the direct lane. His intention was clearly to disturb the driver of the electric car. The Tesla owner honked his horn defiantly, ready to reprimand the passing motorcyclist. But he forgot that his wife had installed “La Cucaracha” (“The Cockroach”) as her horn sound. The motorcyclist was clearly outraged at being honked until he heard the melody and witnessed the shame of the Tesla driver. His cry of rage immediately turned into hilarity. Even though we can’t see it, the motorcyclist raised a hand as if to say “seriously!?”, unable to be annoyed by all this anymore. The Tesla owner slumped into his seat and continued on his way. Instead of turning left, the motorcyclist caught up with the Tesla driver to pass him again and to laugh heartily at the juvenile sound of his horn. It’s safe to say that the motorcyclist had the last laugh in this situation.

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