mosquito control was planned for the night of Thursday to Friday

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The operation would not have taken place in the end, noted our photographer on the spot.


After the identification of a case of dengue fever in a person who had recently stayed in a tropical country, the Regional Health Agency announces that a mosquito control operation was to be carried out during the night of Thursday 8 to Friday 9 September (subject to adequate weather conditions), in two districts of Strasbourg.

In the Place d’Austerlitz and Orangerie areas

It is a question of destroying the tiger mosquitoes which could be carriers of the disease. Indeed, this person infected with dengue frequented two districts of Strasbourg, Place d’Austerlitz and Orangerie sectors when he returned from his trip and during the period during which the virus was still present in his blood.

Precautionary measures to take

The residents and establishments of the streets concerned have been informed of this operation as well as of the precautionary measures to be taken:

■ Stay inside buildings,
■ Close the windows during the intervention,
■ Rinse the garden furniture with water
■ Bring in animal bowls.

A safety perimeter in the affected and neighboring streets will be established in order to avoid exposure of the population to the treatment product for the duration of the intervention and for the following 30 minutes.

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