Monkey pox: why is it urgent to change the name of Monkeypox according to experts?

The WHO joins around thirty international scientists on the urgency of changing the name of the disease. That’s why.

More than 1,300 cases in 28 countries: this is the latest official assessment of the monkey pox in the world this Tuesday, June 14. If the number of cases is certainly higher according to the health authoritiesanother problem torments the scientific community.

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Inaccurate, discriminatory and stigmatizing

Indeed, some thirty international experts were moved last week by the discriminating and stigmatizing nature of the current name of the sickness. “In the context of theglobal epidemic current, continuing reference and nomenclature of this virus as being African are not only inaccurate, but also discriminatory and stigmatizing”, the group of scientists said in an online letter. While claiming “an urgent change in non-discriminatory and non-stigmatizing nomenclature for the virus of Monkeypox.

Enough to convince theWorld Health Organization (WHO) to consider changing the official name of the disease. “The current name does not correspond to WHO guidelines which recommend avoiding geographical regions and animal names”said a spokesperson at the microphone of our colleagues from

At the start of the crisis from covid, a similar controversy had arisen. The WHO had acted quickly to impose the name SARS-CoV-2instead of virus of China or of Wuhan.

The World Health Organization is considering officially changing the name for monkeypox, as many scientists say it is discriminatory and stigmatizing

—Bloomberg (@business) June 13, 2022

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