Monkey pox: what is this new symptom of Monkeypox that becomes “very painful” when you go to the bathroom?

US health authorities are identifying new information about Monkeypox that should be released to doctors next week. Among them, this new symptom.

Little by little, the monkeypox spreads. The bar of 1,000 cases worldwide has been exceeded according to theWorld Health Organization (WHO). And in the last 24 hours, theus army announced its first case.

Little by little, the sickness, too, reveals its characteristics. Indeed, if according to the WHO, health professionals as well as the inhabitants of the same house seem more likely to contaminate each other, contacts oblige, doubt remains as to another mode of transmission of the disease. Of the pustules discoveries in the mouths of certain patients would serve as arguments in favor of transmission via the saliva droplets where the aerosolsas for the covid. But for now, authorities are sticking to close contact.

The radius symptoms, the Monkeypox is clearly defined: feverfatigue, aches but also and above all these famous Rashes in the form of pustules which spread all over the body.

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“Very painful”

But this Thursday, Jennifer McQuiston, of the division of high pathogenic consequences at the CDC (Center for Disease Prevention and Control) in the United States, reports a new symptom. “We are in the process of disseminating information to clinicians, with which they will be able to see new symptoms Monkeypox. For example, I think some patients we’ve seen in the US have reported a particular symptom called proctitis which is, I think, a swollen prostate. This is the kind of information we want to convey to doctors so they can make the connection to monkeypox and its rashes.”

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said: “The syndrome clinical proctitis is a kind of pain and inflammation of the lining of the rectum which can be very painful during defecation and possibly sexual intercourse”.

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