Monkey pox: what are these new mucosal symptoms of Monkeypox that cause “excruciating pain”?

The largest study on Monkeypox was published this Thursday, July 21. With surprising conclusions.

A few months ago, when the Monkeypox was discovered, many are those who smile at the mere hearing of the name of this sickness. After two years of covid, it could be understood. But after a few weeks, the smiles started to fade from the faces, with the first cases being reported all over the world, and the pains with. Today the monkeypox is taken seriously; And even a little more.

More than 16,000 cases reported in 75 countries, 5 deaths: this Saturday, the World Health Organization (WHO) triggered its highest level ofalertthe state of“international public health emergency”. Today, no one smiles anymore.

Especially since the Monkeypox gradually reveals its hidden side: that of a sickness can easily be confused with other pathologies. And so, therefore, lead to misdiagnoses.

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“Things that had not been described before”

A large study published this Thursday, July 21 in the New England Journal Of Medicine even lists new symptoms: “We actually managed to find things on this epidemic that is happening now that had not been previously described”rejoices Chloe Orkin, doctor and professor at Queen Mary University of London, lead author of the study. “People have their first symptoms like sores inside the stuffy and sores insideanus. These mucosal symptoms, as we call them, are not included in international definitions of case series.”.

The previous descriptions of the first symptoms tended rather towards Rashes degenerating into pustules. But no wounds in the mucous regions. Moreover, these wounds would cause “excruciating pain”.

Other symptoms listed in this study which analyzed more than 500 cases in 16 countries were fever, swollen lymph nodes, rash and lethargy.

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