Monkey pox: vaccines against monkeypox are not 100% effective, warns WHO

The WHO was taking stock of public health problems and other pandemics currently being experienced, this Wednesday, August 17.

More than 35,000 cases (including 2,749 in France), 12 deaths… these are the figures for monkey pox, announced this Wednesday by the WHO. If the disease continues to progress, “mainly in Europe and America” According to the WHO, vaccination campaigns are intensifying around the world.

A vaccine that is not effective at “100%”maintained Rosamund Lewis, in charge of monkeypox at the WHO, who was asked about cases of monkeypox detected in vaccinated patients.

“It reminds us that vaccines are not a magic bullet. We don’t expect 100% effectiveness of these vaccines for the prevention of monkeypox”she explained. “You have to wait for the second dose, so that the vaccine can give an optimal response.”

“Almost all [#monkeypox] cases are being reported:
-from Europe & the Americas
-among men who have sex with men, underscoring the importance for all countries to design & deliver services & info tailored to these communities that protect health, human rights & dignity”-@DrTedros

— World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) August 17, 2022

Among other things, the monkeypox specialist for the WHO also called on men who have homosexual relationships to limit the number of their partners, in order to stem the spread of the virus. The vast majority of cases have indeed been detected in gay or bisexual men.

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