Monkey pox: three cases of monkeypox virus discovered within the same family in a campsite in the Var

Contaminated before arriving at the campsite, the family spent a few days there without coming into contact with staff or other residents.

Three people from the same family recently tested positive for the monkeypox virus at a campsite in the Var, the ARS announced on Thursday evening. If they used the facilities of the place, “the risk of transmission through surfaces is very low”, explain the authorities who therefore exclude quarantine and vaccination of the residents of the campsite with whom they have not had “no close and prolonged contact with other holidaymakers or staff”.

“It is an intra-family contamination prior to the arrival of these people on the campsite. They have been isolated and have left the premises” on August 11 continues the ARS which affirms that “The state of health of this family does not inspire concern.”

3 members of the same family with #monkeypox were identified in a campsite in the Var.

They had “no close and prolonged contact with other holidaymakers or staff”, who are neither isolated nor encouraged to be vaccinated but must monitor their state of health.

— Nicolas Berrod (@nicolasberrod) August 11, 2022

Health Minister François Braun recently announced that more than 2,600 cases of monkeypox have been identified in France. It also reports on “more than 30,000 people vaccinated and the rate of vaccination is accelerating with more than 2,000 vaccinations per day”.

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